Great American Ball Park

Address: 100 Joe Nuxhall Way
Phone: (513) 381-7337
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    Located on the banks of the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati, Great American Ball Park opened for the 2003 season.
  • ESPN

    The Skyline Chili Dog is a must, but if you want to do WORK, there are funnel fries. That is, funnel cake in French fry form. Put one under your nose, & you’ll have a mustache akin to Mr. Redlegs.
  • Sports Authority

    Stay after the game on Fridays and enjoy the fireworks show, a 30-minute display of colorful sparks after the last out.
  • Elise Lotz

    Sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," always substitute "home team" for "Redlegs," and get a helmet sundae. Make sure you keep the helmet as a souvenir!
  • Kelly Doster

    Come see America's favorite pastime at this beautiful park we call home to our Cincinnati Reds. Try a slice of LaRosa's pizza, Skyline chili dog and you must get a helmet sundae!
  • Amanda Gibbs

    The $1 Concession stand is the best and worth the wait!! The line goes quickly!
  • Cincinnati Reds

    Stop by Fan Accommodations (near sections 119 & 420) to receive a free personalized certificate for a first Reds game, birthday, anniversary or foul ball catch.
  • MLB

    Learn about the greatest Reds of all time at the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum.
  • Adam Ledyard

    Nice MLB ballpark. Not a bad seat in the stadium.
  • Cincinnati Reds

    Welcome to Great American Ball Park! Check in using At the Ballpark to unlock special offers and explore the stadium right from your phone.
  • Jay Banks

    Go to the Machine Room by the left field foul pole. Cool off with the A/C and a few drinks! No wait...
  • Sean Herron

    Check out the Machine Room... Air Conditioning & Food!!
  • Cincinnati Reds

    Don’t forget to use At Bat on your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod, BlackBerry or Windows 7 device to follow all the action on the field and around the league while you are at the park.
  • Beth Nutkins

    Sun/Moon Deck seats are possibly the best in the house. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
  • Ratul Shah

    Just once enjoy a game from the Diamond Seats. Great buffet, great view, and an overall great experience.
  • Beth Rouse

    Buy your "Split the Pot" ticket from a Coldwell Banker volunteer up until the 4th inning - see if you're a winner in the 8th! For a great cause and you can go home with more money than you came with.
  • Ben G

    $1 concessions near 533. Get a hot dog w/stadium mustard for the true experience!
  • Cliff Jenkins

    Get a top six seat for $5 grab some grub from the $1 window in the fan zone and a beer all for under $15! Chances are you'll get a better seat and hopefully a Reds win!
  • Jason Day

    Watch a game from the patio of the Machine Room.
  • Rounding Second

    Great American Ball Park was the site of Carlos Beltran's first (2005) and last (2011) games as a member of the Mets.
  • Amy Perry

  • Chris Thompson

    For the best photos, shoot the front of the stadium around sunset to get a nice color blue in the sky. Get one of the player statues in your shot for extra effect.
  • Matt Feldhues

    Redlegs forever!
  • Discover Ohio

    Great American Ball Park is home to the Cincinnati Reds. Fans will love coming here for a game, as well as to the very cool Reds Hall of Fame and Museum!
  • Dave Davenport

  • Chris

    Ask for tap water. It is free.
  • Gary Shuler

    Don't do the wave!
  • Andrew Haubner

    Go Brandon Philips!!!
  • Lisa Braun

    Follow the Reds on Twitter! @reds
  • Jannis B.

    Fantastic stadium for kids! So much for them to do!
  • Tracey Ward

    Skyline Chili, LaRosas, Montgomery Inn and Cincinnati Reds... Who needs anything else?
  • Billy Mertz

    Go to and register for the opportunity to buy POSTSEASON tickets!! Woohoo home field advantage!!
  • Olivia Spinelli

    Go Redlegs!
  • Billy Mertz

    Out beyond right field, heckle the opposing team's pitchers as they warm up in the bullpen.
  • Deb Oaks

    It is hot stay in the shade today.
  • John Kuhr

    Club Level is the place to be. Free food, free soft drinks, air conditioning, and a great view from the seats!
  • Amy Perry

    Must come out to the stack and see Chuck D. he calls it the fun side
  • Kim Sykes

    Ask for joey votto. Huge man on campus.
  • Cincinnati History Photos

    The Great Flood of April 1913 forced boats to launch from the corner of Pearl & Broadway (roughly under the left field stands). Collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.
  • brian caudill

    Chapman with 103 MPH fastball!!
  • Josh Wehmann

    You can get a great view almost anywhere in the stadium so enjoy the game!
  • GirlsPintOut

    Craft beer options are available at the Grand Slam Stand behind section 110! We love 21st Amendment's IPA!
  • Mark

    Get a Skyline Chili dog if you must, but the real top dog at Great American is the Big Red Smokey. Top it with sauerkraut and Woeber's Düsseldorf mustard, and enjoy it with a Moerlein OTR ale.
  • Sara Kowatch

    Get ready to pay $9.25+ for a tallboy (24oz can) beer which is usually $1.89 at any gas station....WTF?!?
  • brian bridge

    $1 hot dogs & drinks is where it's at!
  • Randy Bridges

    $1.00 Food/Drink window in section 433
  • Jeff Seale

    GABP's suites are way cool. Three TVs, nice food, great service.
  • Lisa Braun

    Check-in via the free At The Ballpark app and upgrade to really great seats for a small cost.
  • Former User Foister

    There has only been one No-Hitter at GABP and I was there! Homer Bailey threw a No No against San Francisco Giants on July 2, 2013.
  • Amy Perry

    Go to center field under the stacks and see chuck d
  • Michael Rotgers

    Beautiful place to watch the sun set.
  • Doug Mitchell

    Paul McCartney ftw
  • Gary Shuler

    Remain in your seat during game play. You may get up between innings.
  • Former User Foister

    Arrive early, you are almost guaranteed something free at the gate or check the Fan Zone. Chevy booth always hands out something almost every game.
  • Nalin Verma

    Go to the high 5 grill near section 533. $1 for peanuts, popcorn, a kids dog, an ice cream cup, or a kod's soda.
  • Elise Lotz

    Come out on the weekends and see DJ Sab play! There's always fun baseball games for kids and the occasional giveaways!
  • Chris Reinhart

    Try the nachos!
  • Chris Thompson

    Looking for the craft beer? Head to the Grand Slam Stand behind Section 111. They have local favorites from MadTree and Moerlein, plus brews from Bell's, Founders and others.
  • Kristi Phillips

    Helmet nachos rock!
  • Andy Richter

    The tip about waiting 45 minutes to see fireworks is incorrect. I come to Fireworks Friday all the time and have NEVER had to wait that long!
  • collin rink

    Second guess the manager. You know baseball better than he does. What? The Reds are in first? Oh yeah, you could do better. You are just that smart.
  • Mike

    Anyone know the wifi password?
  • Nick Mitchell

    The Machine Room is the bomb!
  • Ryan Crabb

    Go Redlegs!!!
  • Gary Shuler

    Remember sunscreen and a hat. Sunscreen is available at customer service
  • Joe Penno

    Get your peanuts and water at Walgreens at Fourth and Main Streets. It's much cheaper!!
  • Rob Lagergren

    Go see the bottoms up beer dispenser on the first base line. You must see it. The beer will cost you 7.50
  • RedsFacts

    Get the meat lovers dog. Best calorie per dollar ratio in the ballpark, by far. Tasty too.
  • Dave Heitz

    Buy a Hot Dog from the Vendors in the Red/White Pinstripes... Do it and thank me later!
  • Emily Thompson

    Reds should get tips from the Cardinals on how to put on a firework show immediately after the game ends....45 min wait is ridiculous!
  • Jen Emerson

    The 5 second rule does not apply here.
  • Brian Schwartz

    Funnel fries. That is all...
  • Russell A.

    $30 all you can eat tickets are the best!!
  • DJ Lance

    Great American Ball Park opened in 2003, replacing the Red's former home, Cinergy Field (aka Riverfront Stadium) which opened in June 1970.
  • Elise Lotz

    Get on the Kiss Cam!
  • Elise Lotz

    If you order tickets online have them sent to will call! The ticket kiosks on the right side are fast and painless! INsert your credit card, out pops your tickets!
  • Heather Poonoosamy

    Get a Helmet Sundae with all the toppings or GTFO.
  • Austin Layton

    You can order Cincinnati's famous Skyline Chili in the park! Also try some local Cincinnati beers at the huge beer counter along the third base line.
  • Sir Sessme

    Great place to be, so much good food and if you love baseball, its a must!
  • Lisa Braun

    Stop by fan accommodations for a free first game, birthday or anniversary certificate.
  • Sports Illustrated

    Did You Know: Home plate is only 580 feet from the Ohio River!
  • Erÿk Bälstein

    532 = 1 dollar HOTDOG
  • Rachael Elizabeth

    This is Reds Country! Gooooo Reds! ;)
  • NurseLisainOhio

    Watching our Reds play post-season was easily a top 3 moment 4me! GAB is a clean, classy park w/a good beer selection & most of us are truly there 2have fun minus mistreatment of opposing team fans. ?
  • Maeghan Parks

    This place has nothing on wrigley
  • Velociraptor Clint-Thrust

    Section 532, $1 hot dogs and soda... bring your own booze
  • UC Alumni Association

    Annual McMicken College of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Alumni Awards Gala | May 18, 2012. Cocktails, dinner, dancing, silent auction. Distinguished alumni and current students will be honored.
  • Jason Shirley

    Get a meat lovers dog! State fair, first base, terrace level. Bacon wrapped dog topped with black bean chili, pepper jack cheese and crispy
  • Carlee McCarthy

    Dont try to bring in can of anything. Security will take them :(
  • Brent Williams

    Baseball is played here
  • Mark Homer

    Craft beer (Grand Slam Stand) over by section 110! Expensive but better than drinking Miller lite.
  • ? Deon Parcon

    Nice seats! Great fireworks!
  • Derek Golob

    1$ stand at section 433 and in the fanzone! Hot dogs peanuts popcorn candy and drinks for a 1$!!
  • James McCauley

    Buy the cheapest ticket and just move to a better seat after a couple innings and you will save a lot of money.
  • Marty B

    Try the All You Can Eat Seats !
  • Gary Shuler

    Stay hydrated drink plenty of water! Shot glasses of ice available at all concession stands.
  • Jason Hillman

    Go Cardinals!!
  • Ashley Walters

    Get here early for BP and meet some of the players. Don't forget your frosty malt!
  • Phil Savitt

    get funnel fries because they are good to have
  • Scott Davidson

    Go Cardinals! Yadi is the man!
  • Andrew Millis

    Heckle the opposing teams bullpen in section 140 for a reds win.
  • Charli Reese

    SPLIT THE POT: purchase split the pot tickets to help the reds community fund and WIN half of the amount collected! Thank u Coldwell Banker agents, ask Charli how to sell ur home 4 top dollar!
  • Steve S

    If U try the new "Bottoms Up" fast Beer, when it starts leaking, and it will, go back and get a free refill! It worked for my brother ;)
  • Chanda Glover

    The Champion Room is a nice place to have a group event. Nice view.
  • Brian Covey

    Buy cheap tickets and come an hour before gates open. Go to the machine room and get an outside table. Great view, food, drinks and service for the whole game.
  • Scott Oliveira

    Beautiful park. Try the Italian Sausage! It's fantastic.
  • Trent Smith

    Great seats at GABP
  • Scott Gellman

    $1 stand!!!! Full up on $1 hot dogs and drinks!
  • John Mann

    Among the 30 baseball stadiums, I would say Great American is middle of the pack. Must try LaRosa's Pizza and The Banks which is the string of bars next door. Most parking is two-four blocks away.
  • Michael Seibert

    Reds vs Cubbies from the nosebleeds
  • Ionut Kuhls

  • Kevin Vincent

    Amazing open air ball park, close to the river so the view is pretty great too
  • Michelle Lambert

    The caramel corn is a must.
  • Jenn M

    Skyline chili and baseball :)
  • carefulwiththataxe

    Split the Pot
  • Mike D

    A top 10 mlb stadium. Best beer selection in all of baseball
  • Terrence Poole

    Vegetarian hot dogs would u believe on level 1
  • Katie Webb

    Come on a Friday night for a fireworks show.
  • Josh Carrafa

    i like this place.
  • Jon Neace

    Go Redlegs
  • Nathan McGee

    Beautiful park! Must experience.
  • Linda Jones

    Great view, great ball park. Expensive beer!
  • Aran

    Bark in the park is awesome!!!
  • Eleanor Pisarcik

    Ed wants to know if Ava got to throw out the fist pitch or sing the National Anthem.
  • Joseph K
  • Joseph K
  • Mike Breeden

    One dollar hotdogs
  • Erik Gray

    A great ballpark, great fans and so much history along the riverfront.
  • Experience

    You can now upgrade your seats at all Reds home games! Download the MLB at the Ballpark app to upgrade:
  • Craig Mesure

    You can bring your own packaged food into the stadium.
  • Anthony Wade

    Skyline Coney is five dollars. Rip off.
  • David Schick

    Look out for foul balls!
  • Gayle Vanlandingham

    Very impressive......
  • Kenny Franklin

    View Level seats behind home plate and 3rd base have an awesome view of the field, the center field river boat and the Ohio River.
  • Amanda Amand

    Like spicy, eat the Mettwurst. Nasty bathrooms by section 111. Ballpark ok but not nearly as great as some folks think
  • Jody Mayer

    Get the helmet nachos that come in a batting helmet. Remember wearing this as a kid, without the nachos of course.
  • masseur G

    Bring a squirt bottle with a fan.
  • Matthew Peterson

    Go rechew my gum. Under seat 110 K 11.
  • Stoney Harper

    great stadium and very easy to get to
  • Stadium Journey

    Hungry? How about some ribs at Mr. Red's Smokehouse?
  • Laszlo's Iron Skillet Restaurant

    Meet and greet with George Foster
  • Kelsey Maggard

    On a hot summer day, tickets on the first base side can be a lifesaver. The shade falls there first!
  • Dan Gjorevski

    Day game > any other game .... Sober game < any other game
  • Gabe Robinson

    The free ice cups hold exactly the same amount of liquid as a standard flask, coincidence? I think not.
  • Ramone Terrell

    Sorry ..., I'm an CLEVELAND INDIANS fan !....
  • Marcia Boone

    Champions Club is the best!!!!
  • John T

    Nice day for a ball game.
  • Lisa Braun

    Gates open 90 minutes before game time.
  • Ben S

    Good place for the family. Crowd was friendly. Not like Chicago or Detroit fans. But that's why those towns are better.
  • Ben S

    Machine room is great. Good staff and decent food
  • anne s

    Upper deck section (like 525) rows P-V are covered
  • Katie Fisher

    Check out the Bud Bar at the end of the first base line!
  • Hyouk Kwon

    Go, Choo!!
  • Kim Miller

    Great place!!!! Go Reds!!!
  • alberto ochoa

    hi, congratulations
  • Kelly

    Across the river is the Newport Aquarium, nice place to spend some time before a game.
  • Paul Steele

    been a great season for Red's fans, been to 28 games so far and in lottery for the playoffs saw Barry larkin induction day, sean casey induction to reds hall day
  • Turtle Tortuga

    Make sure to check section 145 (under the stacks) that where the REALREDS Fans are.
  • Brian Coffey

    Try the SkyRosa's
  • Darrell Record

    Cardinals at Reds.
  • Mike White

    You can take in food and drinks! Save you some money at concession stands!
  • Marilyn Goodrich

    Verizon signal SUCKS here!
  • Natasha Stenger

    Funnel cake fries are amazing!!
  • William Yeomans

    All seats are great seats! Go Reds!
  • Katie Kinnemeyer

    The goetta dogs. Classic Cincinnati. And delicious.
  • Ali Margello

    Machine room-right as the game starts it empties out.
  • stephen & sara

    Section 511. Rather have view of the river than be closer to the field
  • Susan DePaiva

    Sitting at the bar tops under the smoke stacks is a great view to see, once. Let's say it's the best place on a nice day if you're not really into watching the game, though.
  • Dallas Winkler

    Not a bad seat in the house. Go Reds!
  • Donna Allen

    Pete Rose box is perfect seats!
  • David Seitz

    The $1 concession stand is great! The line goes quick! Perfect way to save money at the game.
  • Randa Zalman

    Upgrade to Scout's Alley. Well worth it!
  • John Barker

    Enjoy a Big Red Smokey at Riverfront Dogs

    On September 11, 1985, Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb's all-time hits record at Riverfront Stadium. Pay homage to a Reds legend with our "Charlie Hustle" Tee!
  • Cracken .

    I like that this park was downtown but was surprised by the dearth of quality bars surrounding it. Hopefully this has changed since then. Enjoy the local BBQ from Montgomery Inn & Skyline Chili Dogs.
  • Sam Sankovich

    Not a bad place to watch a ballgame but certainly not the best.
  • Meg Rigano

    After the game head over to the new Johnny Rockets!
  • Steve Miick

    Reds suck! Go Brewers!!!
  • Luke Brocki

    Buy the tall cans of beer...much better deal than the others.
  • Brandon Howard

    Beer keeps getting more expensive. Boo.
  • Brandon Howard

    The beer keeps getting more expensive. Boo
  • Jason Bramhall

    don't go to a reds game when cliff lee is pitching. reds get constipated. NO RUNS!!!
  • Steven Hoeffer

    Get a designated driver wrist band for free and get odules beer for a dollar
  • Sara Thompson

    Don't use too much mustard!!!
  • Jack Myers

    Don't fart on the seats..I already did

    Johnny Cueto is 0-1 with a 3.00 ERA in two career starts against the Rockies.
  • Joey Minges

    Ask for the beervendor Joe "it's so good once it hits the lips!!"
  • Alexis Greenward

    After Reds game 7/31/2011
  • Alexis Greenward

    After Reds game 7/30/2011
  • Gary Shuler

    Throwing objects onto is punishable by arrest and ejection from the game. Don't throw that baseball back!
  • Bill Moskowitz

    Bring your a/c cause it's really really hot
  • Bill Moskowitz

    Bring your a/c cause it's
  • Oil S.

    Funnel cake, Chicken Tender, Curly Fry and Penn Station are the best of mind ? ., Reds go!! go!!
  • Ivis Carver

    Let FanFoto take your picture, even if you won't buy it. It's free to you and helps them ALOT. :-)
  • Mike Lantrip

    GO Cards. Beat the Deads.
  • Sean Feeney

    Diamond Club. Unlimited food and drinks.
  • Matt Amend

    If it's a week night just buy 5$ seats and move on down. Watch the usher though some are tools some don't mind. Go REDLEGS!
  • Steven Selfinger

    Big year for the Redlegs!!!! Just went to game 2 and 3 and watched us SWEEP the boo-hoo crew of Milwaukee!! GO REDS!!!
  • April B

    Try the beef nachos. They are awesome...
  • Dave Luckett

    Go to c-20 as for handlebar Stan. Try the cocaine salad with a heroin hooker!